Phylogenetic Study

This Pipeline runs PhyML External Link and GECA in order to generate a phylogenetic tree with gene structure information that will be visualized by Archaeopteryx External Link .

Launch Pipeline
Start by selecting the sequences of interest from a Multicriteria search.

The selected sequences will be aligned with MAFFT in order to generate the phylogenetic tree with PhyML External Link . In parallel, the detection of introns will be done thanks to CIWOG followed by GECA that will generate the gene structures.

Finally, these results will be combined together and visualized with Archaeopteryx External Link .

This pipeline is limitted to a 100 sequences.
Sequences are extracted from the
Redoxibase from a Mutricriteria search
Sequences are
aligned with Mafft (v6.835a).
Intron detection
CIWOG (Wilkerson MD & al., 2009)
The tree is built with PhyML External Link
Model: WAG
Gene structures
GECA (Fawal N & al., 2012)
Mode: Individual structures
Archaeopteryx External Link
Mode: Applet.
Output: XML.